Sprinklez: Episode 32 Sprinklez-Con 3000 Part 2

Episode Summary

Hey gang! In thus our 32nd anniversary episode which we are calling SPRINKLEZ-CON 3000 we have incredible streaming recommendations from my friend Jes and Zac. Including: THE REAL HOUSEWIVES.(BRAVO;HULU) and THE WIRE (HBO; HBO GO; PRIME VIDEO). We have two Tasty-Treat-Recommendations: Oreo Thin Bites & M&M's Candy Bars! Enjoy the show!!

Episode Notes

Howdy gang! Today we continue our anniversary celebration with SPRINKLEZ-CON 3000 Part 2!! My friend Jes recommends all of BRAVO'S The REAL HOUSEWIVES shows (And yes she watches them all: New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Orange CO, etc) and then brings an unbelievable Tasty-Treat-Recommendation: Oreo Thin Bites! Which sounds incredibly good!! While Zac raves about the HBO show THE WIRE (HBO,HBO GO, AMAZON PRIME VIDEO) and fills us in about M&M Candy Bars!!! Enjoy the show!!!!