Sprinklez Episode 39: We're Here. (HBO, HBO MAX);Self-Care-Sensation: Everything from Bath & Body Works

Episode Summary

Hey Gang! Just a quick little fabulous recommendation for you today: HBO"s We're Here (ADULTS ONLY. LANGUAGE, SUGGESTIVE THEMES). No Tasty-Treat today but for Self-Care I do remind any and everything from Bath & Body Works!!!

Episode Notes

Howdy Sprinklerz! Today 

HBO has a winner on its hands with "WE'RE HERE". It stars three amazing Drag Queens: Shangela (D.J. "Shangela" Pierce), Eureka (David Huggard) and Bob the Drag Queen (Caldwell Tidicue). Each episode has them bringing their over-the-top selves to tiny American town to bring humor and healing! 

No-Tasty-Treat-Sensation today but I do go on and on about just how wonderful Bath & Body Works summer line of everything is!